Uniphos Envirotronic Pvt Ltd

Fixed Gas Monitoring System

We manufacture a comprehensive range of Fixed Gas Monitoring System which is consist of state-of-the-art Digital Gas Transmitters or Analog Transmitters and Controllers ranging from simple 2 channel controllers to the most sophisticated GMS systems capable of connecting up to 128 transmitters.



  • Fully certified by CMRI (Dhanbad) / CCE (Nagpur)
  • Field transmitters provide industry standard 4-20 mA output or Digital communication based on MODBUS protocol
  • Certified Catalytic Bead / Infra-Red sensors used for flammable gases
  • Highly specific Electrochemical Sensors used for Toxics
  • Option of field display of gas concentration available
  • Advanced data logging capabilities
  • Computer based graphic interface

Available For : SO2, O2, CO, NO2, NO, H2S, HCN, HCl, Cl2, H2, NH3, PH3, ETO and many other gases.

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