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Digital Gas Transmitter

Having a back-lit LCD display, the Digital Gas Transmitter Uniphos-5OO (DT) has a microprocessor having a combination of smart transmitter. The Digital Gas Transmitter gives a RS- 485 digital output (allowing cost-efficient 2-wire looped wire communication) along with a 4-20 mA output (industry standard analog). The Digital Gas Transmitter uses hot swappable sensors, thus using smart sensor technology. In this technology, all the information of a sensor is stored on an EPROM. Having a magnetic wand to allow non-intrusive calibration, the Digital Gas Transmitter is apt for any hazardous installation as well as calibration work; especially, in situations that never allow opening of transmitter enclosure and performing calibration task.


  • The transmitter has two LEDs for low and high alarms and an optional Relay card with 3 x NOINC potential free relays
  • Also displays the date of calibration, the range of gas detection, TLV and the STEL
  • Has the provision of Non-intrusive calibration by means of a magnetic wand
  • Digital Display of Gas name, Range of gas detection, TLV and STEL values and the last calibration date on Power ON.


  • Visual Alarm
  • 8x2 Alphanumeric LCD Display for continuous gas monitoring with backlight
  • Provision for digital calibration
  • RS-485 (MODBUS Protocol) / 4-20mA Communication
  • Easy Interface to DCS / Controller which accepts 4-20mA Output


  • Refineries
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Power Industries
  • Pollution Control
  • Pollution Monitoring



  • Sensor : Electrochemical Sensors for toxic gases and oxygen Catalytic bead sensors for flammable gases PID/solid state sensor for VOC's

  • Display : 8x2 Alphanumeric LCD Display

  • Function Keys : For Non-Intrusive Calibration

  • Alarms : Visual LED's(Power & Alarm)

  • Output : 4-20mA / RS 485

  • Maximum Load Resistance : 500

  • Gas Sampling : Diffusion

  • Case Material : Explosion proof enclosure

  • Dimension :

    • Diameter :120mm

    • Height : 70mm

    • Weight : 1.700kg

  • Certification : Electronics encolosed in FLP JB CMRI certified to Ex d IIC T6

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