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COD Analyser

Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) is a term used to measure the quality of effluent water. COD is a measure of water pollution resulting from organic matter and is being extensively used by industry to test its wastewater before releasing it to the environment. Though, there are many chemical methods for analyzing this purpose, but each of them is both time consuming and requires a large amount of sample & correspondingly large amount of reagent chemicals; most of these chemicals are highly toxic and carcinogenic. In view of the stringent pollution control norms, there is an urgent need for a fast and cost-effective analytical instrument to keep track of the effluent water at different stages of its treatment process. To meet this demand of Chemical industry, we have come with a portable and microprocessor based instrument for the measurement of COD in effluent water – known as COD Analyser. The COD Analyser cuts down the analysis time from the present four to five hours to less than two hours. Also, the COD Analyser requires ten times less sample and correspondingly fewer amounts of chemical reagents cutting down the cost of analysis by ten times. Further, the COD Analyser is based on non-dispersive absorption spectrometry and is moderately priced and marketed by us.

Why Our COD Analyser?

  • Excellent use of microprocessors
  • Quick analysis of Chemical Oxygen Demand in wastewater
  • Easy to use

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